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Happy New Year guys! Hope your year started off well? As for me, I believe it has. This year I can say looks and feels so much more promising than the last. It’s time for a new adventure.

So excited to start my blog up in a partnership with one of the top …

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I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now. It has been a great journey. I’ve had some good and bad experiences – but mostly good. The bad includes challenges such as finances, developing content and finding the time to do shoots for the blog. I’m not complaining though…hahaha.

Despite all, the …

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One of my favourite social events in Kenya is the Koroga Festival. I love attending to watch the artists from all over Africa perform like Papa Wemba, Alicia, Fally Ipupa and more. It’s about the music and celebrating the artists in a vibrant atmosphere.
Fashion is also a big part of …

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It’s really getting cold out here in Nairobi, Kenya. Bye bye blue skies, hello grey clouds. But issokay!!The weather may be dull but your outfit doesn’t need to either. This is the time to dress up in those really warm stylish outfits that we love but don’t get to wear like scarves, pull necks, thick …

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Ok. So, I was expecting it to be cold, but not this cold. It’s getting to a point that it’s even snowing. I’m happy it’s snowing since I’ve never touched or seen real live snow except on those jolly American Christmas movies.

In Kenya I don’t think we really prepare ourselves for the …

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I’m a fan of khaki pants when it comes to casual dressing. I find it easy to switch up styles with khakis from super smart to comfy casual. I rarely wear jeans cause I find that they’re not really my style, generic, and don’t allow me to express my dress sense enough. Mainly because to …

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