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I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now. It has been a great journey. I’ve had some good and bad experiences – but mostly good. The bad includes challenges such as finances, developing content and finding the time to do shoots for the blog. I’m not complaining though…hahaha.

Despite all, the blog has been a success so far if I may say so myself. I feel more people now also appreciate the hard work and effort I’ve put forward. I get more views each day, more feature publications in the media and finally won an award!!!
However, I couldn’t have done it alone and the success is to be shared. I would like to thank some special people who made this happen. This team helped me reach where I am today and achieve my goals. I’ll start with Brian Emry. Brian pushed me to start writing about fashion and not just post dapper pictures on my Instagram. So thank you Brian. You saw the future and it is bright bro! The second person is KN – she’d like to remain anonymous, lol. KN really helped me in developing appropriate content, particularly in terms of polishing up my language skills and reminded me of the importance of remaining consistent and disciplined when blogging. Plus what’s a blog without pictures?? Mavo_gg is an amazing and talented photographer who effortlessly captured every fashion moment with such professionalism. His work speaks for itself. I’d also like to mention Lewis Msunza and Kimmy Moore who were behind the scenes, but also quite crucial to the team. Lewis handled the technical side of the blog and Kimmy was my make-up artist. These ladies and gentlemen, are my I.M. TEAM and I want to thank them for where I am because I wouldn’t have gotten here without them. Thanks guys and be blessed.
So WE (the team, my fans and you the reader) won the award of THE BLOGGER OF THE YEAR on the Pwani International Fashion Week & Awards (PIFWA). Thank you all again and to God for allowing me to experience this dream. Thank you to all who continuously voted for me – without those votes I wouldn’t be a winner. So I thank you 1000x over. Here’s to more winning!
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