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Leather is associated with bikers. Those guys who ride bikes like harley davidsons or that local nduthi guy who bails you out when you are late for that meeting or that date you have been waiting for. Yes, those guys are bikers.

Leather has a sense of respect, edginess, attitude and fun side to life. For my look I went for a lamb skin leather jacket with faux fur lining and a print t-shirt *P.S She and I are still together, pair of black leather worker boots and charcoal grey denim jeans.


I went for the lamb skin leather jacket as it has the ability to stretch and fit the body perfectly fine. The leather has the capacity to keep you warm during winter, cold and windy days and nights.

Leather jackets are perfectly paired with denim jeans, white or black t-shirts depending on the persons’s preference. To slay* the look pair it with leather boots that are sleek and simple.


The leather jacket creates an illusion of perfectly fitted jeans and not skinny jeans.






James Dean once said, “Every guy needs a decent leather jacket”. I must concur.

Music vibe for this look:

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