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The people have spoken! You want more personal style posts – so I’m happy to continue sharing. This past weekend marked my third month in blogging *Throws confetti in the air*

For this look I decided to break the monotony of jackets, sweaters and went for a more simple look with basic items that are easily accessible to any man anywhere. I wore a fuschia shirt from Hugo Boss paired with a pin stripped trousers from Zara, and brown tassel loafer slip on shoes; accessorised with a small size man bag and a brown leather belt.

There are three to four bags that a man needs to have in his closet. The brief case, messenger bag, man bag and a back pack. The man bag is functional for the modern man who wishes to avoid stuffing his pockets with a million and one things which looks disorganised, is a turn off for the ladies, and kills ones look.

The contents of my man bag were: my phone (which is equally as big as a tablet), a pair of sunglasses, my wallet, a set of keys, my ipod which has my music on the go and a power bank (you never know when your phone might need that extra boost after all the snaps).

Main Tip: Size matters! When buying the perfect man bag consider size before colour, material and style.

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