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Don’t we all ¬†just love a good cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning to just stimulate the nerve system and reboot the brain after a long hard night of work? Ahhh yes, nothing like it. I can smell the aromatic beans now…mmmhm.

The handkerchief (also know as a hankie) has been an essential part of clothing used to maintain personal hygiene or wipe tears of joy or sorrow. *Mine was grey in colour a gift from my mother, used to wipe tears after my first breakup which was sad but i still miss you if you are reading this post its never too late there is still a chance for us*

When people started using it as a decorative fashion accessory,it came to be known as a pocket square. Designers started matching them with their ties made from the same fabric, colour, texture and print. The pocket square has been an essential fashion accessory to the man who wishes to stand out and look great  without overdoing the entire ensemble; thus my look for today:


I matched my floral pocket square which is off white in color with a fuchsia lapel pin which complimented my shirt and tie. I wore a checked blue suit which blended well the bright colours and complimented each other effortlessly *Inserts a chessy smile*. Paired with grey and brown cap toe oxfords (which I advocate every man reading this should have as part of their shoe collection) not forgetting my trademark ‘happy socks’ which were multi-coloured. You know how i feel about colour people :-).










  • Never match the pocket square with tie.
  • When wearing a blazer or suit, always have a pocket square so as to add more oomph to the look.
  • I highly advise that the pocket square should have some colour element of the tie, if you are adventurous, enough you can go for a completely different colour.
  • There are many ways of fold a pocket square the simplest is the right angle fold as illustrated in the look.

For more on ‘ how to fold a pocket square’ blog post soon.’

Location: Nairobi Serena Hotel.



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