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Drum roll please………introducing to you the brown suit. And yes – it’s back from the 80’s! Many of us cringe at the thought of a brown suit, however it’s now being considered by many as an alternative for your formal grey, blue or black suit.
Brown is one color that’s largely dismissed; but it’s versatile as it enriches the colours you mix it with. I tend to combine my brown suit with a cream shirt, which I find is the best colour for my skin tone. I also tried matching it with a light blue shirt which works well too. Despite my previous apprehensions, I was pleasantly surprised how well the brown suit worked with these colour combinations. Next in line – a green shirt…😁
• Don’t limit yourself to matte chocolate brown. Brown suits with hints of copper or oxblood will make you look cooler and let you get away with a black shoe.
• A brown suit can look more casual than blues or blacks, so feel free to skip the tie. Otherwise, opt for a burgundy silk bow-tie, or a navy knit tie.

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In life we are generally given three chances to make or break it. You can make a mistake once or twice, but the third time is considered a fail. The number three is relatable in most peoples’ lives. From the legend of three wishes in childhood, to three wise men in the Bible and the general belief that three strikes and you’re out! Derived from baseball I guess.

When I want to get all suited up, I consider the number three – in particular my three piece suit. You can catch me wearing this suit on a Monday or Friday. The versatility is what makes me a huge fan of this suit. Mondays are the best days to go all suited up (it sets the tone for the week) and this suit is suited for the day. I also recommend and three piece for a Friday because you can play with it after work to suit the occasion, avoiding having to go back home and change.  Just simple changes for a Friday night out like losing the tie and the blazer/jacket will take you from the boardroom to the bar. If you are able to carry a few clothes with you to work, or shop for something different to combine with this suit, then get some jeans to switch up the trousers. There are more than five ways to wear a three piece suit. I’ll demonstrate them in an upcoming blog post.

In short, the three piece suit is a great investment for your wardrobe. It can be expensive and it’s best to get one custom made from scratch. If not, to save on some cash get an existing suit customised, but best to have a good tailor around who is excellent at fittings and adjustments.
Photo Credits To Mavo ( +254-720-210-090 ). His Instagram – Mavo_gg

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I’m not a fan of wearing black suits simply because it is a safe choice to wear and I am more about standing out in bright colors. Still searching for that yellow suit .


Although, some occasions necessitate you wearing black. Over the weekend, I received the sad news that my childhood friend had passed away. Someone I was close to and shared almost my entire childhood with. We had a lot of good memories and what hurts most is that we can’t make more great memories together. You are one person I looked to when I needed a friend to joke with or talk about stuff. I will miss how you used to joke that you’d come to my work place looking for me to serve you, and how we laughed on the day you actually showed up . You were a happy guy. Always smiling and never showed your sad side.
During this photo shoot I kept thinking of you whilst trying to look good for the camera, but I know where you are you saying “huku cheza chini .” As you said, it’s not bye, but see you soon. So here I am saying “see you soon my friend.”



Rest In Peace My Friend, My Fam.

Kevin Ndoria Maina

1989 – 2016



Tips: Avoid floral or heavily printed ties for a funeral. Keep it plain and dark in colour. I chose floral because Kevin was a fun guy and loved to look fashionable.
When wearing a black suit keep the accessories minimal and simple.
When dressing for a funeral your 1st choice of suit should be black. If not, you can go with charcoal gray or navy blue.



Here is a funeral etiquette video:

Photo Credits To Mavo ( 0720-210-090 ). His Instagram User name is Mavo_gg 

Music vibe:

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I know what many of you be thinking – that i was writing this probably turnt-up from the previous night and thus the title??? Well, that is not the case. As many of  you indulged during Valentines in more ways than one *No shame in accepting that fact*, I am actually quite sober and enjoying my tea masala whilst watching my diet from a distance …….. story for another day.

As odd as it may sound, this look is inspired by my grandfather’s style. My grandfather was from the era where suits were a prerequisite and most suits back then had turn ups which to me were a NO GO when growing up. I felt that turn ups killed the vibe of my look and made me look old and not fashion forward.


Years later my fashion sense got schooled and its weird enough i fell in trousers that have turn ups. Turn up are the new fashion trend in both mens and women wear currently. If you are a huge James Bond fan then you’d notice that Daniel Craig mostly wears trousers with turn ups.


My turn up  is 1 inch instead of the normal 1.5 inch. When you decide to do a turn up, do not forget to tapper it which gives it more body, dapper feel and modern look.







Music vibes


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Word around is that Monday is not always the best of days

Coming from a weekend that you did not want to end

Monday comes in as the greatest paradox of all time

However, life (Monday) is as you make it, and if you want it (Monday) to be amazing, it (Monday) will be amazing.

But first take a bold step and look stunning

Then take ten thousand more as you go at life.

My suggestion to you is, on a Monday, you want to look like you have taken command of your day and especially your week.

Just do as I do.


This purple (antique fuchsia) suit coupled with a deep purple/aubergine shirt (with all the details considered) has a fine checked design that is definitely a show stopper and soft to touch. To inject some character into this combination, I decided to pick a shirt with a white collar and white cuffs. The white collar comes in handy when I add in the black tie that also has some fine detailing of its own that makes it cleverly contrast the rest of the outfit. This look is simple yet sophisticated in its own way.

A pair of black shoes or a pair of heathstone brown shoes will fit this look.


Fashion is a style of the soul

So as you wear your bespoke

Am sure you will be the best spoken

Have an amazing week.










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Do you remember attending weddings when you were a child and you just happen in the bridegroom party in your new suit and new shoes which mind you had to be in great condition after the wedding because they were going to be your “new” shoes for the next school term ;-). Yeah that’s my story and am sure all of you reading this experienced it.

Well that’s my story. I have infinite love when it comes to suits and looking good, i believe a man is a good as his looks. Enough of that lets get down to business;






My look was inspired by checks and colours. I am wearing a grey and mustard checked suit with a cream shirt, brown tie, brown socks which match the tie and shoes to top the look up i added a touch of green i.e with a pocket square and a black lapel pin.

The look can be worn to the office, a board meeting * And no you will not look out of place* or even an event.

Tip: When wearing checked suits always go for either neutral or colored shirts depending on the checks of the suit as they accentuate the suit.

Music Vibes for this look;



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