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I remember when I was growing up I used to hate ties. My relationship with ties was rather complicated at that point in time. Well, right now my relationship with ties is perfect.

A tie has a way of accentuating your look making you look presentable, fashionable and committed to what you are doing. In my post today I will be talking about knitted ties.


Knitted ties are different from other ties with their texture ..

There are two types of knitted ties that differ in their functionalities which I’ll explain further down here..
1st is the soft knit tie which is smooth. They mostly work well with smart casual or casual outfits..
2nd crunchy knit ties. As you tie them, you feel they are abit stiff and ruff, and sometimes you hear some cry of silk. This cry of silk is called the cri de la soie. They are worn formally as can be seen below;
The soft knitted ties are usually knit by machines thus come out perfectly with no seam can be seen from the back. For the crunchy ones, they are sewn by hand and most made from silk. This makes them of a high quality thus they are expensive.
I chose a solid burgundy cri de la soie knit tie which complemented my petrol blue suit and my checked blue shirt. ………………





Music vibes;

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Do you remember attending weddings when you were a child and you just happen in the bridegroom party in your new suit and new shoes which mind you had to be in great condition after the wedding because they were going to be your “new” shoes for the next school term ;-). Yeah that’s my story and am sure all of you reading this experienced it.

Well that’s my story. I have infinite love when it comes to suits and looking good, i believe a man is a good as his looks. Enough of that lets get down to business;






My look was inspired by checks and colours. I am wearing a grey and mustard checked suit with a cream shirt, brown tie, brown socks which match the tie and shoes to top the look up i added a touch of green i.e with a pocket square and a black lapel pin.

The look can be worn to the office, a board meeting * And no you will not look out of place* or even an event.

Tip: When wearing checked suits always go for either neutral or colored shirts depending on the checks of the suit as they accentuate the suit.

Music Vibes for this look;



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