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 Everyone, male or female has owned a pair of chino pants. Navy blue, black and beige or tan are the common colours when choosing chinos. They are versatile wardrobe staples that can be dressed down or up.
However in this time and age, I find them a bit too boring to wear – they’re safe. Selecting a vibrant coloured chino will bring life to your outfit. Colours play a major role in expressing who you are, showing that you’re not afraid to be bold in your style.
You might get the colors right but it’s also important to remember that without a perfect fit, you won’t pull it off. Make sure the chinos are well fitting, not too slim and baggy, and never forget to get the correct length – not too long or short either!
Chino Info
• Chino is a Spanish word for cotton fabric originally from China.
• Chinos lie between the spectrum of Khaki’s which are very informal and dress pants which are very formal.
• For bright chinos incorporate white and basic darker colours like navy to balance out the brightness.

 Photo Credits To Mavo ( +254-720-210-090 )

Instagram – Mavo_gg

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I am definitely in love with colour. When I say colour I mean bright colours. Yes, I know this is largely due to where I come from, Ukambani. We “kambas” love bright colours and our favorite is yellow. Yellow is usually associated with being cheerful and excitement and the same attributes can be seen in Kambas. We’re always excited about anything and everything – LOL.
Dressing up for me can be a challenge because of colour choice as I usually go for “shouting” colours. Even though they say the colours you choose reflect your mood, for me it’s not the case. I’ll pick bright colours any day, any time, irrespective of my mood.
I decided to pair my yellow chinos with my African print shirt by Shiyenze. The small yellow dots on the shirt got me all excited. For me, yellow is the colour to rock in. Also associated with energy, this colour shows you’re confident. Come to think of it, I don’t own a yellow suit! Any ideas on where this Kamba brother can get one?? 😉
More about the shirt head over to Shiyenze’s website and see how she featured me on her #40Days40PersonalitiesDAY 7. Link
Photo Credits To Kuyoh ( +254-728-750-858 )

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To be honest with you guys (and myself) I always thought I’d end up as a musician. You know, play in front of a mass of people, swaying them by my exceptional drums and bass guitar skills.

But I guess my dreams are still valid right??



The true beauty of style and music is that they connect people of different races, status quo, age groups, nationalities etc. My love for music is an on-going process; each day I discover different genres of music which speak to me and my style.

My mustard corduroy pants immediately tell you that not only professors wear this kind of look anymore, but anyone can pull this look off. This look brought out the stylish gentleman.



Music Vibe:


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We all know that Kambas* Ethnic community in Kenya* are quite the colorful lot thus my inspiration for my look today 🙂 :-). S/O to all my Kamba people keep showing off your colours ;-).

This kind of look deliberately features a pair of mismatched trousers and jacket/blazer – commonly described as a broken suit. The look shouldn’t have the exact texture of fabric, shade of colour or fabric but you can have different shades of colour which don’t necessarily match.



I paired my light grey checked blazer with a pair of charcoal grey trousers. Charcoal grey is a neutral colour which blends very well with either light or dark colour palette. I wore a two toned coloured shirt against the blazer which complimented it, the red tie signifies power and blends well with grey.







  • This look is perfect for fashion events,meetings, evening parties that don’t have a particular dress code and red carpet events.
  • If you want a powerful look grey and red are definitely the right colours.
  • This kind of look is known as broken suit.

This look works for me on days like Tuesdays and Wednesday setting the mood right for a great weekend.

Music vibe for this look:




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