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mm By Posted on 4
The rainy season is here and guess who has been waiting for it…ME. As a kid I would run out of the house to get rained on while jumping in water puddles. Just remembering how much fun it was made me want to experience it again. Who wants to join me? 😆

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Let’s converse about CONVERSE

I’ve always been a fan of Converse, so writing this blog was a pleasure. The first pair of Converses I got were a present from my sister in London. She didn’t know my shoe size and didn’t want to ask because it was meant to be a surprise. She could have asked my brother or …

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mm By Posted on 26
We popularly believe that with rain comes blessings. This may be true, however in Nairobi with rain comes chaos – flooding and traffic to name a few. Figuring out what to wear can also be a problem, especially in terms of footwear. A while back I stumbled upon the rubber shoe, and I’m not talking …

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Pink is widely considered a feminine colour, which is why many men tend to avoid it in clothing. You may refer to it as salmon if it makes you feel more masculine – lol. Truth be told, no colour is off limits. It’s just the way you style it and the confidence with which you …

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PEEKABOO! Where are you?

Hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday which seemed to have ended as quickly as it started! For me this was a working holiday – busy styling clients for their various parties and events. But when you’re doing what you love there’s fun as well as hard work involved. So I can’t complain.

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 Everyone, male or female has owned a pair of chino pants. Navy blue, black and beige or tan are the common colours when choosing chinos. They are versatile wardrobe staples that can be dressed down or up.
However in this time and age, I find them a bit too boring …

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