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If you’re looking for a shoe that best describes my personality, look no further. Vans collection has teamed up with Disney to come up with this fabulous footwear featuring the iconic Disney characters, and it’s absolutely magical! No kidding guys. This is one shoe that oozes fun, playful and whimsical through the …

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Hey guys! How are you all?

I usually get asked the question – how did you get to where you are now? To tell you the truth I didn’t have a specific plan and I wasn’t sure I’d even end up here. All I knew is that I had …

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Drum roll please………introducing to you the brown suit. And yes – it’s back from the 80’s! Many of us cringe at the thought of a brown suit, however it’s now being considered by many as an alternative for your formal grey, blue or black suit.
Brown is one color that’s …

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January is over, so I can finally say Happy New Year guys! Everyone can relate that January seems to drag on with more extra days than any other month. Nonetheless, it’s a New Year, and with it comes new opportunities.
Speaking of new, I’ve been thinking of cutting my dreadlocks. This …

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In life we are generally given three chances to make or break it. You can make a mistake once or twice, but the third time is considered a fail. The number three is relatable in most peoples’ lives. From the legend of three wishes in childhood, to three wise men in the Bible and the …

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I am definitely in love with colour. When I say colour I mean bright colours. Yes, I know this is largely due to where I come from, Ukambani. We “kambas” love bright colours and our favorite is yellow. Yellow is usually associated with being cheerful and excitement and the same attributes can be seen in …

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