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Hey guys! How are you all?

I usually get asked the question – how did you get to where you are now? To tell you the truth I didn’t have a specific plan and I wasn’t sure I’d even end up here. All I knew is that I had …

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Drum roll please………introducing to you the brown suit. And yes – it’s back from the 80’s! Many of us cringe at the thought of a brown suit, however it’s now being considered by many as an alternative for your formal grey, blue or black suit.
Brown is one color that’s …

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January is over, so I can finally say Happy New Year guys! Everyone can relate that January seems to drag on with more extra days than any other month. Nonetheless, it’s a New Year, and with it comes new opportunities.
Speaking of new, I’ve been thinking of cutting my dreadlocks. This …

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In life we are generally given three chances to make or break it. You can make a mistake once or twice, but the third time is considered a fail. The number three is relatable in most peoples’ lives. From the legend of three wishes in childhood, to three wise men in the Bible and the …

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I am definitely in love with colour. When I say colour I mean bright colours. Yes, I know this is largely due to where I come from, Ukambani. We “kambas” love bright colours and our favorite is yellow. Yellow is usually associated with being cheerful and excitement and the same attributes can be seen in …

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When a red carpet event is coming up the first thing that runs through my head is, how I’ll steal the show…he!he!he! On a serious note though, it can be stressful. Having to look for a unique style to rock at the event is a challenge.
If it’s a red carpet …

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